Sample Hold'em Tournament - June 8 @ 8:00 PM
PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Kevin Gillis1400 / 56
2Linda Larson800 / 37
3Lorinda Beals550 / 28
4Rodney Samuelson00 / 22
5Nick Lawrence00 / 19
6Reggie Douglas00 / 16
7Dan Lawrence00 / 14
8Charles Cosgrove00 / 12
9Stanley Stocker00 / 11
10Brian Grayson00 / 10
11Wesley Albright00 / 9
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A W for Kevin

A last minute entry, who thought that he would be out by 8:30, won tonight's tournament. Kevin Gillis beat out Linda Larson who also thought she would be out early. Lorinda Beals took 3rd.

The night ended when Kevin's kskc stood up against Linda's acqc.

The host made a major blunder half way through the tournament when Rod was called by his wife to clean up a spilled beer. I asked if they were waiting on Rod and I thought that meant it was his turn to deal. I jumped into Rod's seat and proceed to pick up the deck and his hole cards, but was stopped before I shuffled his cards into the deck. In reality the action was on him, and his hand was live. Fortunately his cards were readily recovered and Ross went on to win the hand with a back door diamond flush.