Sample Hold'em Tournament - January 6 @ 7:00 PM
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PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Rodney Samuelson1700 / 64
2Joe Haynes1050 / 43
3Jeff Salazar550 / 32
4Larry Knight550 / 26
5Rachel Foster100 / 21
6Ken Edmonds100 / 18
7Ernie Smith100 / 16
8Chad Canales00 / 14
9Reggie Douglas100 / 13
10Brian Grayson00 / 12
11Nick Lawrence00 / 11
12Nicolas Wilson00 / 10
13Dan Lawrence00 / 9
14Stanley Stocker00 / 9
15Darin Howe00 / 8
16Wesley Albright00 / 8
17Lorinda Beals00 / 7
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Tonight Rod Samuelson took first place for the first time. Joe Haynes, a first-time player, took second. Jeff Salazar took third, while Larry Knight finished yet again in the money, taking fourth place.

Rod was destined to win tonight's tournament - he held pocket aces four times.

The comeback story of the night was Joe. He was down to his last 15 chips and was blinded all-in. He had poor cards, but a river 7 hit his inside straight draw. He tripled- or quaded-up on that hand, and powered on to a second place finish.

The tournament ended when Joe caught Rod bluffing at the pot when a ho-hum flop appeared. Joe called Rod's all-in move, and revealed better garbage than Rod had. But a 5 came on the river to pair Rod's pocket 45, and hand the victory to Rod.