Sample Hold'em Tournament - November 11 @ 7:00 PM
Time to clear your calendar for the next Texas Hold'em tournament. Mark down Friday November 11th at 7:00 PM.

See if Larry can defend his title!

Space considerations will limit the game to 24 players.

Yes (16)

Brian Grayson

Charles Cosgrove

Dan Lawrence

Ken Edmonds

Larry Knight

Lorinda Beals

Nick Lawrence

It's all good!

Norman Butler

Paul Carter

Rachel Foster

Reggie Douglas

Robyn Cassidy

Scott Jung

Shelly Moffat

Stanley Stocker

Wesley Albright

No (18)

Andrew McAllister

Arlene O'Connor

I will be in HK for work. Thanks for inviting.

Arnold Haverman

I'll be in Mexico. todo en

Barbara Reimers

Work Art Show that night. Maybe next time :)

Daniel Armstrong

Deshawn Wallace

Something came up!

Dominic Lee

Just happens to coincide with the weekend of my kayak trip to Sinclair. December should work though.

Ernie Smith


Jeff Salazar

Kevin Gillis

Kim Finck

Marjorie Stocker

But December looks good.

Marty Collins

Philippina Orbell

I know I said that I could come to this one. But I won't be able to.

Randall Finck

Alas, I'll be in Vancouver.

Rodney Samuelson

Rosie Robinson

Shawn Eldridge

Just remembered that I will be in Texas this weekend. Big Drag, but I'll try to play some poker down there just to keep my hand in. frownyface

No Reply (22)

Anthony Decosta

Bethany Gearhart

Chad Canales

Chad Woodson

Charles Henning

Dawn Jones

Dillon Murray

Geoff Burke

George Xiong

Gretchen Murray

Jackson Seelig

Jesse Green

Justin Kincaid

Kathleen Yates

Kathryn Stocker

Mack Labert

Natalie Wojcik

Nicolas Wilson

Robert Clark

Ryan Kirksey

Teddy Gaskins

Vaughn Langston

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PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Scott Jung1700 / 63
2Rachel Foster900 / 42
3Lorinda Beals500 / 31
4Paul Carter300 / 25
5Ken Edmonds00 / 21
6Dan Lawrence00 / 18
7Shelly Moffat200 / 16
8Norman Butler200 / 14
9Reggie Douglas00 / 13
10Nick Lawrence200 / 11
11Brian Grayson00 / 10
12Larry Knight00 / 10
13Wesley Albright00 / 9
14Robyn Cassidy00 / 8
15Stanley Stocker00 / 8
16Charles Cosgrove00 / 7
Scott Jung secured his first tournament victory tonight. He outlasted Rachel Foster, Lorinda Beals, and newcomer Paul Carter who comprised the other money finishers.

The hand of the night was held Shelly Moffat - twice. She had 2 fours-of-kind - both 7s. One with pockets 7s that were matched on the flop. Later the flop was 3 sevens, and she held the fourth. These hands helped her to 7th place and two bounties.