Sample Hold'em Tournament - October 7 @ 7:00 PM
Time to clear your calendar for the next Texas Hold'em tournament. Mark down Friday October 7th at 7:00 PM.

A bounty system will be added to the tournament. To accommodate the bounties, the buy-in will increase to $25. The extra $5 will go into a bounty pool, which will pay out $10 bounties until the pool is exhausted. For example, if 20 people play the bounty pool will total $100, and thus pay $10 bounties on the first 10 players eliminated.

Space considerations will limit the game to 24 players.

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PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Larry Knight2200 / 70
2Dan Lawrence1200 / 47
3Shelly Moffat650 / 35
4Norman Butler750 / 28
5Wesley Albright300 / 23
6Rachel Foster00 / 20
7Anthony Decosta100 / 18
8Bethany Gearhart100 / 16
9Nicolas Wilson00 / 14
10Reggie Douglas00 / 13
11Charles Cosgrove00 / 12
12Daniel Armstrong00 / 11
13Jeff Salazar00 / 10
14Brian Grayson00 / 9
15Nick Lawrence200 / 9
16Lorinda Beals00 / 8
17Shawn Eldridge00 / 8
18Robert Clark00 / 7
19Scott Jung00 / 7
20Robyn Cassidy00 / 7
21Chad Woodson00 / 6
22Arlene O'Connor00 / 6
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Mr. October

It was a packed house - 22 players to start. A couple new players that we hope to see again. Larry Knight won the tournament beating out Dan Lawrence.

Highlights from the satellite tables include the usual suck outs and slow playing, aka 'weaseling'. Wesley had two (yes, two) 4 of a kinds and Rachel had one. How sweet it is.

The final table players were: Bethany, Anthony, Rachel, Wesley, Norman, Shelly, Larry, and Dan. Bethany was the first out, her pair of 2s didn't hold up this time. Anthony was short stacked and was out next. The blinds were about to get Rachael as well and she went all-in with Q-5, but Larry showed no mercy when he turned over Big Slick and won with a pair of aces. Big Slick held up for Larry against Wesley's kd2d. The poker gods changed their tune to 'No Ace For you" when Norman went all-in with ad3d against Dan's qh2h and a Q came on the flop. When Shelly failed to fill her open-ended straight draw, we were down to Dan and Larry. Dan was a 3 to 1 chip leader to start, but Larry continued his wrath and eventually took Dan out.