Sample Hold'em Tournament - June 16 @ 7:00 PM
The poker tournament is this Friday, the 16th. I'll be firing up the grill at 7:00, but come as early as 6:30 if you'd like. The tournament itself won't start until 8:00.

I'll be providing burgers and sausages and the associated fixings. If your appetite is less carnivorous or more sophisticated, you'll have to hit the local market yourself.

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PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Brian Grayson2300 / 70
2Ernie Smith1400 / 47
3Larry Knight650 / 35
4Don Jones550 / 28
5Shelly Moffat00 / 23
6Charles Cosgrove100 / 20
7Arlene O'Connor100 / 18
8Chad Woodson100 / 16
9Lorinda Beals00 / 14
10Wesley Albright00 / 13
11Reggie Douglas00 / 12
12Scott Jung200 / 11
13Terence Pritchard00 / 10
14Gayle Miller00 / 9
15Rachel Foster100 / 9
16Jeff Salazar00 / 8
17Nicolas Wilson00 / 8
18Vaughn Langston00 / 7
19Ken Edmonds00 / 7
20Stanley Stocker00 / 7
21Nick Lawrence00 / 6
22Dan Lawrence00 / 6
We had a full house tonight of 22 players. We got a bit of a late start at 8:30, but the BBQ ahead of time went well. A little sunshine and burgers never hurt anyone.

Brian Grayson won the tournament over Ernie "Traffic Jam" Smith. Brian had quad-4s early on which helped give him an early chip lead. Ernie was also a bully at the main table. It was destined that the two would be heads up at the end.

Larry Knight tried to three-peat, but "only" finished in 3rd place.

Don Jones was short-stacked coming to the final table and was immediately the big blind, but was able to quickly double up and hold on for 4th place.