Sample Hold'em Tournament - September 16 @ 7:00 PM
Time to clear your calendar for the next Texas Hold'em tournament. Mark down Friday September 16th at 7:00 PM.

A bounty system will be added to the tournament. To accommodate the bounties, the buy-in will increase to $25. The extra $5 will go into a bounty pool, which will pay out $10 bounties until the pool is exhausted. For example, if 20 people play the bounty pool will total $100, and thus pay $10 bounties on the first 10 players eliminated.

Space considerations will limit the game to 24 players.

PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Stanley Stocker1500 / 62
2Nick Lawrence900 / 41
3Lorinda Beals650 / 31
4Daniel Armstrong400 / 25
5Robyn Cassidy200 / 21
6Robert Clark100 / 18
7Wesley Albright00 / 15
8Larry Knight00 / 14
9Jesse Green00 / 12
10Dan Lawrence00 / 11
11Jeff Salazar00 / 10
12Reggie Douglas00 / 9
13Shelly Moffat00 / 9
14Charles Cosgrove00 / 8
15Mack Labert00 / 8
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Oh Yeah, There's a Tournament Tonight!

Despite arriving late, Stan won tonight's tournament. If he were a cat he'd only have 2 or 3 lives left. He used his first life on his first hand after arriving. He went all in with pocket queens, and was called by Jeff who held pocket kings. Stan was bailed out with a queen on the river. Jeff was severely crippled by the encounter.

Another life was spent in the most exciting hand of the night. At the final table, the blinds were 15 and 30. Larry was the little blind, and called with his remaining chips before the cards were even dealt. Stan was first to act and raised all in - 56 chips. Lorinda was next to Stan and called. Several hands folded, and then Wesley raised all in - 86 more. Robert was the big blind and folded. Lorinda was the only one left with chips and she called Wesley's raise, creating a side pot.

Over came the cards. Larry had a 34, Stan k7, Lorinda 9c8c, and Wesley aa. The flop came k22, giving Stan the most help. The turn was a 5, giving Larry a double-ended straight draw. A river k gave Stan the winning full house. Wesley broke about even on the hand, beating Lorinda for the side pot.

Stan had a few other occasions when he was an underdog, but came out on top. This included the last hand when he went all in against Nick. Nick had a3 and Stan j5. A j came on the flop, giving Stan the tournament victory.

Wesley's straight flush early in game.