Sample Hold'em Tournament - November 17 @ 8:00 PM
Time to clear your calendar for the next Texas Hold'em tournament. Mark down Friday November 17th at 8:00 PM.

The tournament is limited to 24 players. RSVP early and often.

PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Larry Knight1200 / 56
2Nick Lawrence950 / 37
3Reggie Douglas400 / 28
4Don Jones100 / 22
5Lorinda Beals00 / 19
6Norman Butler100 / 16
7Charles Cosgrove00 / 14
8Wesley Albright00 / 12
9Dan Lawrence00 / 11
10Chad Canales00 / 10
11Rosie Robinson00 / 9
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A couple no-shows left us with just 11 players tonight. Larry Knight took first place yet again, outlasting another frequent money finisher Nick Lawrence.

Your host lost an all-in bet with 2 pair against trip 10s, leaving him with only 4 chips. But it set up the next hand which got the most excitement. I was forced all-in in the big blind, so just capped my cards waiting until the end to see what I held.

The flop came ah3h4c so I joked that I would need 2h5h in the hole to have any hope. When the others finished betting, I was heads up against Reggie's 88, and flipped over my cards to reveal 2s5s! The turn 6 and river 7 just made my straight better, so I stayed alive. Unfortunately on the next hand I called Nick's raise with pocket 5s and lost when a k came on the flop to pair is pocket asks.