Sample Hold'em Tournament - May 4 @ 8:00 PM
PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Wesley Albright900 / 48
2Larry Knight500 / 32
3Reggie Douglas350 / 24
4Don Jones00 / 19
5Brian Grayson00 / 16
6Norman Butler00 / 14
7Charles Cosgrove00 / 12
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A number of last-minute cancellations brought the field down to seven players. We increased the blinds to 40 minute intervals to relax the tempo a bit.

Charles was first out when Wes slow played a flopped straight against trips that Charles made on the river.

Norm was next out when his a3 lost to Larry's 93 when the board was 336k9.

When three handed, Larry, Reggie and Wes were fairly evenly stacked. Wes got lucky when he misplayed a10 against Reggie's ak, re-raising all-in. He was bailed out on the flop, and dodged diamonds to cripple Reggie.

Reggie fought back, but was eliminated when Wes's a5 dominated Reggie's 10-5 after a 5 hit the turn.

Larry and Wes played heads-up for 20 minutes until Larry raised 60, and Wes re-raised all in. Larry was bored and called. Wes's 22 held up over Larry's a5.