Sample Hold'em Tournament - September 1 @ 8:00 PM
The poker tournament is this Friday, the 1st. I'll be again firing up the grill at 7:00, but come as early as 6:30 if you'd like. The tournament itself won't start until 8:00.

I'll be providing burgers and sausages and the associated fixings. If your appetite is less carnivorous or more sophisticated, you'll have to hit the local market yourself.

PlacePlayerPrizePOY Points (current/original)
1Don Jones1000 / 54
2Jackson Seelig1000 / 36
3Wesley Albright500 / 27
4Arnold Haverman00 / 22
5Marjorie Stocker00 / 18
6Lorinda Beals00 / 15
7Terence Pritchard00 / 13
8Jeff Salazar00 / 12
9Stanley Stocker00 / 11
10Reggie Douglas00 / 10
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A few cancellations and no-shows brought the player count to 10. Last minute addition, Jackson, finished in the money for the first time riding a wave of loose but aggressive play. He also was bailed out a couple times, hitting a flush on the turn to stay alive, and later a straight on the river to oust Terence. He collected 4 of the 5 bounties.

(In the future, if we start with so few players, the buy-in will remain the same, but there will be no bounties - it all goes towards the finish money.)

The hand of the night was the last one, perhaps only the fifth hand played with just three players left: Jackson, David, and Wesley. David was the small blind, Wesley the big blind. Jackson was first to act and raised 40. David re-raised 60. It was 100 to Wesley who had exactly 100 left and called all-in.

The flop came 6d8h2d. Jackson checked, Don raised, Jackson called. The turn came 10d. Jackson checked, Don raised, Jackson called. The turn came 10h. Jackson checked, Don raised Jackson all-in. Jackson called. Over came the cards. Don had pocket 10c10s for quads! Wesley was angered since he had made a diamond flush on the river with his pocket adjd. Jackson had the third best hand with a9, but finished in second place having more chips than Wesley to start the hand.